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American SketchbookAmerican Sketchbook NEW!!
The Edge of Possibility: An American Sketchbook is an edited compilation of actual sketchbooks I created on eight different drives across the United States of America, some 22,000 miles more or less. Taking a new road for me, I shared most of these trips. Six crossings were with students and a creative writing teacher. We piled into a van and chased the histories and cultures of American musicians, writers and artists. Freed from driving I worked, recording in color and line, my essential impressions of the land, light, space and sky. The pages of this book share parts of these trips as well as my journeys in the studio. Tiny collages evolved into larger pieces as I attempted to concretize the experiences. If I can paint the remembered sensation successfully, the experience then becomes part of me.

Making art and traveling are the same thing to me - adventure, creation, stepping into the unknown, broadening my awareness on the way so that I may see more, feel more, taste more, become more. Come along....

$95 includes shipping and tax in the USA. For International sales, please contact artist directly.

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The Skin of the Milk: A Roman Sketchbook ROME:
The Skin of the Milk: A Roman Sketchbook SOLD OUT!!

The Skin of the Milk: A Roman Sketchbookis a love letter to the great city of Rome and a gift for anyone who is enamored by Rome and Italy. It is a celebration on living a passionate life, finding wonder in the great and the small and holding oneself open to possibility.

"This book provides a glimpse into my travels with photos, sketches, artwork, recipes, stories and more. Each turn of the page offers another experiential taste of Rome...I have been to Rome more times than I can count. I have only scratched the surface.

is the first art book of the Sketchbook Series. It is a limited edition of 200 hand-marked* art books.These hand-marked limited edition books will be available for purchase until sold out. $159 includes shipping and tax in the USA. For International sales, please contact artist directly. This is now SOLD OUT!!

* Hand-marking refers to the effort of an artist to add hand work to a mechanical print. This can be done any number of ways such as adding pencil, paint or stamping. In The Skin of the Milk each book has at least 6 pages with hand-marking and all are signed.

Below are some pages from ROME: The Skin of the Milk: A Roman Sketchbook. Click on each to see larger.

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